What Price Safety?……£8.99!!!!!

So what an eventful week for our Tour De France winner Mr wiggins knocked off by a lady  pulling out of a junction. I can imagine the conversation that followed this accident as Wiggo is not renowned for holding back and can use somewhat colourful language at the best of times!!!

And as for the lady that knocked him off  we wait a lifetime for a genuine tour hero and “oooooooops” she wipes him out. Someone has got a serious claim to fame that will out trump many a claim to fame…….. Luckily it looks like Wiggo is recovering well so a relatively happy ending.

I did start to wonder whether Mr W had a laser light ?? Ahhhhhh a laser light i hear you cry, tell us more Neil it must be amazing?

Well over the years I must have spent £1000’s on cycling bits and bobs from wheels to shorts to silly little hats that never get worn. But by far the best purchase ( since my new mudguards) is an amazing £8.99 laser rear light. This light is slightly larger than a normal LED light and has a variety of flashing options but get this……….. It projects two laser lines on to the road surface to illuminate a safety lane!!! Yeah you read that right its truly amazing and it really did seem to work. I have never felt safer riding at night 🙂 and couldn’t help but notice the amount of people staring, either that or my calves are looking pretty darn toned at the moment????

So there you go Team Sky remember where you heard it 1st get on ebay and buy some, this time next year everyone will be using them 🙂

In other news not a lot of cycling gone on for me this week for one reason or another but I have high hopes for this weekend, With hopefully Saturday and Sunday 30 milers planned.


Keep Safe everyone and remember the road is for sharing 🙂

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Brrrrrr, brrrrrrr , brrrrrrr

So the clocks have gone back again and a 1st for me………. am still riding !!!

This will be the 1st year I have ridden all winter or at least that’s my intentions

Winter riding is a different kettle of fish than the long glorious summer days ( haha yeah right ) here in Devon. Base layers,overshoes, long sleeve technical jerseys then a gilet on top it takes an age just to get kitted up and within 3 miles or at the 1st sign of an incline your sweating like a good un.
Just seems like whatever you wear you can’t win it’s either brrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrr or sweaty Betty ??? One minute squinting in the low sun the next moment it feels like icicles are forming in my stubble.
Is there a solution cos If there is I would like to know !!

But continue I will as it will surely all pay dividends come the end of April next year when I am flying along in the hazy sun toward John O Groats although in all honesty we all know its guaranteed to rain for 90% of the trip and to be blowing unseasonal North Easterlies!!!( 3rd weather related moan of my blogging career)

Just a reminder this trip will be to raise cash for two amazing charities St Luke’s hospice an amazing local charity And also Prostate UK.
So please click on my links to give whatever you can afford. I am paying entirely for my trip so every penny raised goes straight to the charity and I get a little closer to heaven, so everybody wins 🙂

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Snooze you lose

Well,apparently you snooze and you lose but I tend to think differently. Last Sunday myself and Uncle J went for a rather hilly 34 miles over Dartmoor.
34 miles seems to have become my distance these days for autumnal training so I think I will try and keep rides of that sort of distance going throughout the winter months with perhaps a 60 miler every month and then really step up the training in mid February . Well that’s the plan anyway but as we all know plans will change and normally for the worse haha 🙂
So a rather beautiful but hilly 34 miles is followed by a little snooze on the sofa and when I wake up as if by magic my legs feel fab, not even the faintest of aches . So my next point is can I now request a little doze in work after my not as daily as it should be commute ??
Surely worth an ask ?? Also why do my legs get ripped to shreds on a commute but not on my weekend rides ?? Does this reinforce my theory on snoozing ??
Hmmm maybe a scientific study needs to be done??zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Slips,Trips & Falls

I am writing this blogpost as I nearly had a nasty mishap earlier this week whilst pulling away from a junction. I almost pulled out right in front of a passing cyclist flying down the road at speed.He gave me the death stare I have occasionally had to give to motorists!!!!So if your reading this and a white 4wd nearly caught you on Tavistock Rd this week am truly sorry and deserved the death stare!!

Am not one for falling off my bike ever since I went over the handlebars of my Grifter after hitting a kerb when I was about 12.I decided it hurts and i dont like pain.

So since I started cycling again about 5-6 years ago the Slips,Trips and Falls have been very few and far between apart from the odd suicidal pheasant,the car reversing out of his drive  and a head on collision with another commuter who was head down blasting along in the rain.

There is one thing guaranteed to cause mishaps and that is the doom maker called an SPD pedal,As anyone that cycles knows they will catch you out and when they do its normally with great but painful comedy effect!!

Both of my incidents happened on the same ride the first was outside what seemed like the busiest shop in Devon on a Sunday morning after an emergency stop after my pump fell off my bike.This was highly embarrassing although I did manage a pride is hurt style smile.The second incident about 15-20 miles later happened whilst attempting a U turn.Now once is mildly amusing twice is just darn stupid and painful!!!

Am now thinking writing this is tempting fate for tomorrows ride………………………….

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A Few Stats never hurt anyone

Thought it was about time i posted a few statistics for the year so far, as boring as that may be a few stats never hurt anyone did they???

So my 1st ride of 2012 was on the 15th of March and as it stands today:

1401.7 miles

114hrs 52 mins

83898 ft ascent

42 miles per week average

87 rides

Now the worst part of all these stats is 1401 miles is an awful lot of miles in 7 months but it does put it into perspective how far Lands End to John O Groats is and also the fact that in April i will be doing 1000 miles in 9 days…… its a proper yikes moment to read that!!!

Yesterday was the Lands End Sportive and wow what a stunning location and ride it was too starting in St Ives and following the coast down to Lands End and then back in a lovely circular route via Mousehole and Penzance, I would wholly recommend this Sportive to anyone that may be in the area next year.A Well organised event they even managed to  sort some  gorgeous weather for us ( deffo not a weather related moan).

It also gave me the opportunity to have a picture taken at Lands End which made me think next time I am at Lands end it will be for the biggie 🙂

Dont forget to sponsor me if you can, many thanks

Text NELL77 to 70070

Text NELL78 to 70070

Next time !!!!!!!!

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All Things Wet And Mudguards

Another day another soaking !! Yeah so thats moan No.2 about the weather out the way .

Soooooo then Mudguards, for a few years now I have cycled with a chap who we shall code name as Mr W From Cornwall, now when he rides he doesnt travel light we are talking lights,padlock,chain,rucksack and MUDGUARDS!!!! Mudguards what are they actually good for I have remarked  at him many times!! As I stuff an inner tube and energy gel in my rear pocket.

Haha well now I know because I have taken the plunge and fitted one to my commuter bike ( just one for now as am taking it one step at a time) and wow what a revelation. Why did i not do this before ??? Most Probably because i didnt want to admit it was a good idea to Mr W or maybe now at the ripe old age of 40 I feel ready to not get a wet rear end after every commute who knows maybe one day I may even fit them to my Sunday best bike!!!!

So the question I put to you is  To Mudguard Or not to mudguard??? ( Mr W from the Duchy need not comment)


On a further note you know you have become hardcore when you arrive in the office soaking wet and a colleague who has just parked his 4 wheel drive  remarks “oooh is it raining” ………………..YES IT IS !!!!!


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Well what a week

What a week a grand total of 15 miles cycled this week!!! Yep 15 miles ( does this really count as training )

So lets get moan No.1 out the way for our glorious Devonshire weather ( 1st of many weather related moans over the coming months) it’s been truly awful with the general pattern being wind,rain,wind and more rain. It’s really not conducive to cycling as any one that knows me will declare I am a fair weather cyclist. God only knows what I will do if the weather is wet come April !!!
Not only the weather that’s been holding me back this week but also the fact I can’t manage to stand on a step ladder without acting the DIY stuntman. This is not to be recommended as it results in pain!!!
So to summarise the weather and a hurty hand equals a grand total of 15 miles 🙂 hmmmmmm not good.

Here’s to next week and the lands end sportive 🙂

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