Well what a week

What a week a grand total of 15 miles cycled this week!!! Yep 15 miles ( does this really count as training )

So lets get moan No.1 out the way for our glorious Devonshire weather ( 1st of many weather related moans over the coming months) it’s been truly awful with the general pattern being wind,rain,wind and more rain. It’s really not conducive to cycling as any one that knows me will declare I am a fair weather cyclist. God only knows what I will do if the weather is wet come April !!!
Not only the weather that’s been holding me back this week but also the fact I can’t manage to stand on a step ladder without acting the DIY stuntman. This is not to be recommended as it results in pain!!!
So to summarise the weather and a hurty hand equals a grand total of 15 miles 🙂 hmmmmmm not good.

Here’s to next week and the lands end sportive 🙂

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