All Things Wet And Mudguards

Another day another soaking !! Yeah so thats moan No.2 about the weather out the way .

Soooooo then Mudguards, for a few years now I have cycled with a chap who we shall code name as Mr W From Cornwall, now when he rides he doesnt travel light we are talking lights,padlock,chain,rucksack and MUDGUARDS!!!! Mudguards what are they actually good for I have remarked  at him many times!! As I stuff an inner tube and energy gel in my rear pocket.

Haha well now I know because I have taken the plunge and fitted one to my commuter bike ( just one for now as am taking it one step at a time) and wow what a revelation. Why did i not do this before ??? Most Probably because i didnt want to admit it was a good idea to Mr W or maybe now at the ripe old age of 40 I feel ready to not get a wet rear end after every commute who knows maybe one day I may even fit them to my Sunday best bike!!!!

So the question I put to you is  To Mudguard Or not to mudguard??? ( Mr W from the Duchy need not comment)


On a further note you know you have become hardcore when you arrive in the office soaking wet and a colleague who has just parked his 4 wheel drive  remarks “oooh is it raining” ………………..YES IT IS !!!!!


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