Brrrrrr, brrrrrrr , brrrrrrr

So the clocks have gone back again and a 1st for me………. am still riding !!!

This will be the 1st year I have ridden all winter or at least that’s my intentions

Winter riding is a different kettle of fish than the long glorious summer days ( haha yeah right ) here in Devon. Base layers,overshoes, long sleeve technical jerseys then a gilet on top it takes an age just to get kitted up and within 3 miles or at the 1st sign of an incline your sweating like a good un.
Just seems like whatever you wear you can’t win it’s either brrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrr or sweaty Betty ??? One minute squinting in the low sun the next moment it feels like icicles are forming in my stubble.
Is there a solution cos If there is I would like to know !!

But continue I will as it will surely all pay dividends come the end of April next year when I am flying along in the hazy sun toward John O Groats although in all honesty we all know its guaranteed to rain for 90% of the trip and to be blowing unseasonal North Easterlies!!!( 3rd weather related moan of my blogging career)

Just a reminder this trip will be to raise cash for two amazing charities St Luke’s hospice an amazing local charity And also Prostate UK.
So please click on my links to give whatever you can afford. I am paying entirely for my trip so every penny raised goes straight to the charity and I get a little closer to heaven, so everybody wins 🙂

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1 Response to Brrrrrr, brrrrrrr , brrrrrrr

  1. Lee says:

    Who would of thought it!
    Apprentice Bradley, an overweight, smoking, pasty guzzling cable jointer, who one day whilst asleep on the floor on the van, Mike and I set on fire haha!
    I wish we had iPhones then, the photo would of been brilliant.

    Now look at you, cycling the length and breadth of the country…good work

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