Snooze you lose

Well,apparently you snooze and you lose but I tend to think differently. Last Sunday myself and Uncle J went for a rather hilly 34 miles over Dartmoor.
34 miles seems to have become my distance these days for autumnal training so I think I will try and keep rides of that sort of distance going throughout the winter months with perhaps a 60 miler every month and then really step up the training in mid February . Well that’s the plan anyway but as we all know plans will change and normally for the worse haha 🙂
So a rather beautiful but hilly 34 miles is followed by a little snooze on the sofa and when I wake up as if by magic my legs feel fab, not even the faintest of aches . So my next point is can I now request a little doze in work after my not as daily as it should be commute ??
Surely worth an ask ?? Also why do my legs get ripped to shreds on a commute but not on my weekend rides ?? Does this reinforce my theory on snoozing ??
Hmmm maybe a scientific study needs to be done??zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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