Slips,Trips & Falls

I am writing this blogpost as I nearly had a nasty mishap earlier this week whilst pulling away from a junction. I almost pulled out right in front of a passing cyclist flying down the road at speed.He gave me the death stare I have occasionally had to give to motorists!!!!So if your reading this and a white 4wd nearly caught you on Tavistock Rd this week am truly sorry and deserved the death stare!!

Am not one for falling off my bike ever since I went over the handlebars of my Grifter after hitting a kerb when I was about 12.I decided it hurts and i dont like pain.

So since I started cycling again about 5-6 years ago the Slips,Trips and Falls have been very few and far between apart from the odd suicidal pheasant,the car reversing out of his drive  and a head on collision with another commuter who was head down blasting along in the rain.

There is one thing guaranteed to cause mishaps and that is the doom maker called an SPD pedal,As anyone that cycles knows they will catch you out and when they do its normally with great but painful comedy effect!!

Both of my incidents happened on the same ride the first was outside what seemed like the busiest shop in Devon on a Sunday morning after an emergency stop after my pump fell off my bike.This was highly embarrassing although I did manage a pride is hurt style smile.The second incident about 15-20 miles later happened whilst attempting a U turn.Now once is mildly amusing twice is just darn stupid and painful!!!

Am now thinking writing this is tempting fate for tomorrows ride………………………….

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