What Price Safety?……£8.99!!!!!

So what an eventful week for our Tour De France winner Mr wiggins knocked off by a lady  pulling out of a junction. I can imagine the conversation that followed this accident as Wiggo is not renowned for holding back and can use somewhat colourful language at the best of times!!!

And as for the lady that knocked him off  we wait a lifetime for a genuine tour hero and “oooooooops” she wipes him out. Someone has got a serious claim to fame that will out trump many a claim to fame…….. Luckily it looks like Wiggo is recovering well so a relatively happy ending.

I did start to wonder whether Mr W had a laser light ?? Ahhhhhh a laser light i hear you cry, tell us more Neil it must be amazing?

Well over the years I must have spent £1000’s on cycling bits and bobs from wheels to shorts to silly little hats that never get worn. But by far the best purchase ( since my new mudguards) is an amazing £8.99 laser rear light. This light is slightly larger than a normal LED light and has a variety of flashing options but get this……….. It projects two laser lines on to the road surface to illuminate a safety lane!!! Yeah you read that right its truly amazing and it really did seem to work. I have never felt safer riding at night 🙂 and couldn’t help but notice the amount of people staring, either that or my calves are looking pretty darn toned at the moment????

So there you go Team Sky remember where you heard it 1st get on ebay and buy some, this time next year everyone will be using them 🙂

In other news not a lot of cycling gone on for me this week for one reason or another but I have high hopes for this weekend, With hopefully Saturday and Sunday 30 milers planned.


Keep Safe everyone and remember the road is for sharing 🙂

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2 Responses to What Price Safety?……£8.99!!!!!

  1. Paul Williams says:

    And the link to the lights?

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