The drugs do work

So it is with much elation I am proud to announce the drugs do work!!
After months of issues with my sore bits I am finally cured !!! It’s a miracle !!! Well a miracle in the sense that a weeks course of antibiotics has managed to clear up my infections .Now before you get the wrong idea let me point you in the right direction . It wasn’t piles but at the top of my inner thigh where it meets the saddle and my erm ….. Saddle bags !!! It’s all the more pleasing it healed due to the doctor declaring I may have needed to have it cut , cleaned and stitched !!! Now if that doesn’t force you to heal nothing will !!
I am left with a pea sized lump but hopefully it won’t flare up again and at least I am no longer walking like John Wayne …… I think !!

As for riding its been a relatively quiet ish month apart from the odd spin with my teens . I also ventured onto Dartmoor to do some hill training but really really suffered , to the point when I actually felt like I would pass out. I was in total burn-out mode , not so good . It’s the most bizarre feeling in the world actively riding to find hills when I have had a lifetime trying to avoid them ( avoid hills ha it’s Devon not a chance )
But it’s all in preparation for the Etape Cymru in 2 weeks time ….. Holy crap ! How’s the preparation going ? Not good and I can honestly say I am pooping it more than when I did LEJOG .
LEJOG was ride from A to B with no time constraints , Etape Cymru is closed roads ( yay) but complete with a broom wagon ( boo) this presents a lot of pressure to compete and not get removed from the course , which will not only be embarrassing but costly too . It cost £60 to enter and the mountainous route and profile look horrific . Why oh why do I do this ??

So another hilly day beckons tomorrow ooooh can’t wait 😦


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