Sunburn & saddle sores :-(

So since I finished my epic Lands End to John O Groats it’s been a pretty mixed bag for me in regards to riding .

My Intention was to keep rolling with any fitness I had found on the trip and that’s kind of what happened with a few short rides and a couple of 50-60 mile rides and all was going fairly well . That is of course fairly well and not fantastic !! Since I completed LEJOG I have been ” saddled ” with a couple of sores which quite frankly hurt ( am not too keen on pain) certainly not down below anyway!!
Before I continue I just hasten to state I am not a doctor and have had no medical training whatsoever ( I am 1st aid trained though ) so I tried the usual remedies Sudocreme, talc,germoline, anti bacterial soap and hydro cortisone cream all with varying degrees of success , they all appeared to work until I rode then Kapow lumpy sore bits back 😦 and yes I do use chamois cream and have also used the same saddles on all my humble steeds for many years now !!!
My plan was then to take a few weeks off the saddle which worked out perfect as we had 2 weeks of foul weather ( am not as stupid as I look )
Two weeks later Boom the sun is shining and am back in the saddle riding fantastic distances with big climbs and am sore again 😦
To be fair it’s not as bad as it was but it’s still there after every ride . So any advice great fully received ?
On a positive side I have been banging in decent miles in This glorious weather and I am now sporting a fantastic cyclist tan !!!


Got to keep it rolling now as Etape Cymru is getting ever closer and considering the mountainous route that broom wagon travelling at 13mph strikes fear deep into me !!

One final word the tragic news of two lejoggers being killed in Cornwall last week certainly struck a chord with all us cyclists . We are only ever 12 inches from serious injury or death so lets all respect each other !!!
These two fine gentleman set off on an amazing trip which tragically ended just 40 miles in so if anyone can spare a few Β£ to help them leave a legacy it would be amazing πŸ™‚

Ps did I mention I have some new
wheels ……………

Pps if anyone ever gets the chance to visit Devon and ride the coast road from Dartmouth to kingsbridge it truly is stunning , hilly but stunning πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Sunburn & saddle sores :-(

  1. Barbara says:

    I got through a whole pot on LEJoG

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