LEJOG Epilogue


So nearly 3 weeks have passed since we finished and here’s my final thoughts and tips .

Make sure your comfortable on your bike and your kit it’s a long way 974 miles . Take a selection of gloves and shorts to alleviate any pressure sores you may have . The shorts/ gloves you wear for a 40 mile training spin may give you serious hassle doing 80-100 day in day out .
I started the trip on virtually brand new Grand Prix 4000s and the rear is seriously squared off and nearly at the end of its life . My brake blocks are the same . So start with new tyres and brakes . I also virtually destroyed one pair of cleats just from wandering around in the mornings and lunch etc.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather with 1 and 1/2 days rain in 12 so mudguards weren’t really required but be prepared for the worst . Certain areas are extremely exposed and even on nice days you will get cold at lunchtimes etc so carry another layer .

Make sure you enjoy it it’s an experience you may never have the opportunity to do again . There where times when I feel looking back that maybe we went too fast and missed out and we were by no means the fastest . It’s too easy to get sucked into worrying about your average Mph at the end of the day . But then the quicker you get to the hotel the more time you have to recover and relax ?
Mentally it’s harder than you think and If anything the bike riding is the easy bit. I struggled with the routine hotel to hotel pack unpack living out of a bag . Breakfast -ride – hotel – recovery – shower – dinner – sleep repeat for 12 days !!

Get into a group of riders with similar abilities and help each other . Always offer a wheel and some shelter from the wind because it all changes so quick in an hour you may need that wheel to shelter in .
You will make friendships like you have never made before . People who will encourage you and help you and you will do it for them too because the bond you form on a trip like this is amazing.

Also be prepared for a huge come down when you return . Your life will have been this trip for months and months and your focus will have gone . And when it’s finished you will miss your new found buddies and the experience of riding every day with an aim and the encouragement and camaraderie.

Huge thanks to all the my pals i have ridden with on this epic adventure but mostly Glenn , Liam & The Cleminator . I know for a fact this whole trip would have been a darn site harder both mentally and physically without you chaps . But also thanks for the giggles along the way even if we did feel like we belonged in the naughty corner a lot of the time .

Also thanks to everyone that sponsored me and helped me raise nearly £3500 for my two charities amazing stuff and like I said I did the easy bit it’s you lot that donated that made it worthwhile .

Final thanks to everyone that sent me a text or message on fb it meant the world to have your support . And there were many times when a little look at my phone when times got hard that gave my spirits a lift just when I needed it 🙂

Assos chamois cream used – 1
Sudo Creme still being used 3wks after finish – 1

I need another adventure !!!

Miles ridden since return 94 ( rubbish )

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2 Responses to LEJOG Epilogue

  1. daniel says:

    Neil, i have just read all of your blog entries from the trip long with the epilogue. FANTASTIC!!!
    I am starting LEJOG in 7 weeks and have been searching for blogs to read to help me prepare best i can from voices of experience. Yours has certainly done that so thank you! and its give me a kick up the back side to get blogging again on my website. I created a year ago to kick start my fundraising but not blogged much but ill be blogging tonight!!!!
    http://www.go-dan.co.uk is my site if you would like to take a look 🙂

    Thanks again, and WELL DONE

    • Neil Bradley says:

      Hi Dan
      Thanks for the great comments about my blog/ trip 🙂

      It’s an amazing journey make sure you enjoy every minute of it . I have a few regrets about my trip as its all over so quick 😦
      Are you doing a supported trip? If you need any advice or have any questions feel free to ask.
      Hope the training is going well and you are making the most of this amazing weather .

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