LEJOG day 12 Thurso to John o Groats

Day 12
The final day a short ride down to JOG
With a slight tour to Dunnet head to visit the most northerly point in the UK .
A little moist when we set off and a crazy head wind really tested our resolve to visit Dunnet Head and yes we did waver when we were half way there but we carried on with the thought of regret of we hadn’t have bothered .


We did bother and am glad we did as its an amazing view . We also decided that Dunnet head got a bit of a bum deal really cos surely all us intrepid adventurers should be heading there and not John O Groats ? Not really sure how that worked out ?

Never mind , we battled our final hour of headwinds and made it to the cafe / pub just outside the town where all 23 of us met up and rolled down to the John o groats sign . It was an amazing feeling having cycled all that way with some amazing people.



Jobs a good un ๐Ÿ™‚

Next stop Inverness on a coach slurping on champagne and some chicken sandwiches sat at the back of the bus like naughty schoolboys .thats how legendary intrepid adventurers end their epic journeys !!!



Today’s stats

27.6 miles 2hrs11 949ft


Tears shed – 0
Champagne drunk – 2

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