LEJOG day 9 Inverary to loch lochy

Day 9 Inverary to loch lochy ( lake lakey sorry Glenn)

So today began with a top three black pudding with scrambled egg and then before we knew it , it was time to rest my sore backside on the saddle once more . The day started with a huge climb out of Inverary which we were warned about In the briefing . Why oh why Discover Adventure feel the need to forewarn us I will never know cos I personally would rather not know .
The climb out of Inveraray was a beast about 7 miles long in total and I really struggled as it came way to early in the day for me . I got there in the end and as always the reward was a fantastic descent with sweeping hairpins .
Sadly we couldn’t enjoy the descent as much as normal due to the gale force winds we had to encounter these same winds we battled against all day.
It was truly horrific . The exposed sections were just plain dangerous and when it wasn’t exposed it was block headwinds . No fun to be had in block head winds any cyclist will tell you .

We made an executive decision today to miss the 1st water stop and headed Into the Hollow Mountain hydro power station for a coffee and a cake ( empire biscuit for Liam as he is addicted )
It was a fantastic decision and I would highly recommend the tour especially if you arrive by bike as its then free!! This led to many a running joke whereas we felt everything should be free if you arrived by bike !!!


The day became a Constant battle between being blown across the road into the passing trucks or being blown into the verge . There were of course a few casualties in these conditions and the flying Scotsmen duo suffered on more than one occasion with one half of the duo biting the dust 3 times .

We made it too lunch eventually as we always did to gather our thoughts on an incredibly tough day .
After a fantastic Discover Adventure lunch we hit the road again . When I say hit the road our very own stunt man took this literally. We were in a line of 4 and Glenn got blown into the verge where he hit the kerb . He managed to keep it upright for a few meters and went straight over. Luckily it wasnt a huge drop off and he was up and at em in no time . I think he was secretly hoping his bike would be broken but no such luck . A quick adjustment of the rear brake and he was on the road again . Fair play to him he didn’t even cry 🙂
As we continued into Fort William just for good measure it started to pour with rain and as we climbed up towards the commando memorial it really couldn’t have been any more testing conditions.

It really was a tough day and the last 8 or so miles seemed to go on for ever until we reached our lodgings for the night , which was a hostel . Myself and my roomie had bunk beds and quite possibly the smallest room ever .



Days stats
94.7 miles 6hrs 56 7932ft ( possibly GPS error ) 13.6 mph


Cyclist blown off today – 5
Rating on the tough-o-meter – 10

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