LEJOG day 8 Kilmarnock to Inverary

Day 8 Kilmarnock to Inverary

So lets get the joke out of the way , yes it is ” a long way to Inverary”

But we had it amazing I have never had the pleasure of riding in such a stunning location the weather was fantastic. We cycled along the coast heading towards Gourock which apparently I pronounce wrong ( cheers Glenn) where we were to catch a ferry to Dunoon . But 1st we had to find our daily coffee stop . And we found an amazing coffee shop in Largs . Top three coffee no doubt .


Then we had a slight delay as we heard the support van had a slight altercation with a motorbike so we chilled in the sun before heading to the ferry .
We crossed the Clyde over to Dunoon to be met with our 1st road rage in a few days . But PC Yard dealt with it quite admirably by chasing the chap down the road at a Hoy style pace with his best death stare !!

Lunch was once again in a barn and we were treated to the “pleasure ” of a Cleminator sing song to his favourite number from Pink . Extremely scary and damaging stuff .

Our road continued through the stunning scenery along the banks of Lake eck and then Lake fyne ( sorry Glenn but we all know they are lakes really)


We looped around Lake fyne and could see our hotel on the other side just a mere 14 Ish miles away . It really was a pleasure to ride in these conditions and one of those days when you dont want it to end .
But sadly it did end we arrived at our Hotel on the banks of the lake where we laid on the lawn for a while soaking it up ……. One word for today Stunning.

For anyone wishing to stay at the Lake Fynne hotel please note the following two things
1. You will only need 15-20 mins for dinner as the restaurant staff are on bonus and constantly looking to get a PB
2. The room numbers don’t match the floor numbers unlike every hotel in the world !

Today’s stats
82.5 miles 2029ft 14.6 mph 6hrs 56

Waiting staff personal bests – 7
Bottles dropped nearly causing crash -1

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