LEJOG day 7 Carlisle to Kilmarnock

Day 7 Carlisle to Kilmarnock

So big day today as not only have we been on the road for a week which in itself is an achievement but we cross the border into Scotland !!! Amazing feat as in case you have forgotten we have actually ridden our bikes all this way !!!!!! Amazing !!!!

The border was 9 miles up the road at Gretna but the question was will we actually make it . God it was tough going a freezing headwind made progress so slow today . At one point we had to have a moral boosting energy gel in a gateway where we had an unspeakable conversation that we will take to our graves regarding energy gels !!!!
We did of course make it else would make for a rubbish blog and here is a picture to prove it ๐Ÿ™‚

The 1st water stop today required the van to be raided for more layers as that bitter head wind was making for a chilly ride and some severe grumpy faces .
We continued on towards tonight’s destination of Kilmarnock on what was quite possibly the worst road surface possible . I can only suggest the Scots need to go on a fact finding trip to England and see how we do it . As it really was awful . My hands were numb from the constant battering and vibration and it was a battle to get comfortable on the bike . God knows how many tyres the scots get through in a year ,there should be piles of worn rubber crumbs beside the road !!
Lunch today was In a proper barn with real hay bales all we needed was some music and we could have had a full on barn dance , however the reality was there was 23 worn out cold cyclists all huddled up trying to keep warm.

But guess what ? Did we give up? Did we eck Is like !!! No we dug deep in fact deeper than deep, deeper than you can ever imagine deep and you know why ? Cos we wanted to get to the hotel and chill out and have a shower possibly followed by a few pints of cider ๐Ÿ™‚
And made it we did on the day we now call the Day From Hell !
In fact our hotel was a funky place right next to Kilmarnock football club which if i remember rightly is called the Rugby ground ??!?!?
Bikes deposited in the football club lounge and off for the usual routine 1. Recovery shake 2. Shower 3. Update strava
Another reason tonight for excitement was I had a special visit from my old pal Mr V one of Scotland’s finest who joined me for a beer . It was great to see him and really lifted my spirits .


Today’s stats
97miles 6hrs50 3562ft 14.2mph

Nerve endings destroyed – millions

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2 Responses to LEJOG day 7 Carlisle to Kilmarnock

  1. Helen says:

    I think the scots spend their money on free prescriptions not road maintenance ๐Ÿ˜†

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