LEJOG day 6 Preston to Carlisle

Day 6 Preston to Carlisle

So today was one I had really been looking forward to with the climb of Shap to contend with .
Today was a chilly one and we soon lost The Cleminator, Matt, Martyn and Nick , when I say lost I mean we clung on to the back of them for the 1st 10-15 miles then they flew off into the distance !!!
At the 1st water stop it was raining but it was a fab location by the river. And we couldn’t moan as we have had it so lucky with the weather . Yep bike tan πŸ™‚

When then headed toward Kendal with Shap looming . It was still raining on and off and I just couldn’t cope so had a few stops for coat on coat off . Sorry if that gets on your nerves chaps but at least you get a breather too πŸ™‚
So at Kendal and we are once again a group of 7 for at least half a mile until the climb starts . It’s 9 miles up to the summit from the town and if I can let you into a secret I absolutely loved the climb . Yes it was long , yes it was soaking wet but come on if your a cyclist it’s the sort of climb you want to test yourself against and to be honest it’s long but it’s only the last mile or so when it really ramps up . We climbed for an hour so no maths required to know we were not going to break records . But I blame Glenn for making us giggle like girls by wringing his gloves out every 5 mins πŸ™‚ also some blame must lay with Liam who wrongly told us we had reached the summit ……… When we did reach the summit it was like the worst winters day imaginable we had time for 2 photos ( oooops sorry chaps ) and a quick teapot from Glenn .


Then it was our time for Shap to reward us for our hard work. man alive what a descent ( top 3 ) as we descended we were basked in sunshine on a steaming road all the way to Shap village for lunch where we had bonus hot food and a chance to dry our clothes out …. Amazing stuff and if I could ride any section of the ride again Shap would be high up the list .

I seemed to pay dearly the closer we got Carlisle as the undulations really sucked the life out of me and with a calf pull ( my leg not a baby cow) I really struggled . Thank The Lord for our local man The Cleminator who informed us it was now all down hill ……. Where I come from Clem downhill means you can freewheel !!!!

So into Carlisle and straight through the Main Street heaving with drunken yobs on this bank holiday Sunday makes for a scary ride whilst dressed in Lycra . Luckily we made it without incident although eyes straight ahead policy was adopted by all .
Out hotel was right next to the train station in town with some incredibly dodgy pubs and no tables where you could hide bikes πŸ˜‰


Today’s stats
86.4 miles 5hr 48 4006ft 14.9mph


Hurty leg x 1
Stating the obvious during a water stop x 1 ( Matt hill)

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  1. martinyard says:

    Apparently, he is still in the room looking for his bike, it was that well hidden!

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