LEJOG day 10 loch lochy to Tain

Day 10
Loch lochy to Tain

Had the best nights sleep last night and am thinking bunk beds and home cooked food must be the way forward on this trip . As we were staying in a hostel last night the food was cooked by some volunteers amongst us and fair play it was a good effort .
Breakfast was cooked by the crew from discover adventure and they did a good job of porridge and bacon sandwiches. So a good start to the day .

The weather was pretty darn good today as we flew towards Lake Ness ( sorry Glenn) and we really hit some cracking speeds . Spurred on by some riders from our group in the distance we decided to not only catch them but to go flying past them . And boy did we do that . Only to be overtaken again when we saw a good photo opportunity . Always been a sucker for a nice castle pic 🙂


We made it to the water stop and found a cafe for a coffee and our new habit which has become double caking .
This was a mistake today as we were less than a mile away from HEART BREAK HILL . A beast of a hill with sections at 18% I can honestly say it was a killer , a monster , a beast .it was reasonably short at less than a mile but from the side we approached there was no momentum to be carried up.
Well what can I say about the other side. WOW we were flying an awesome descent . We approached a tractor gave each other a little look and went for it the three of us overtaking a tractor at 47 mph . Moments like that make every ache every knee twinge every sore worthwhile . Brilliant stuff !!!!

A few miles further on The Cleminator was waiting for us an we rode on to lunch at the sports centre in Dingwall .

After lunch it was time for a detour to meet a friend of Glenn’s who was gonna make us a brew and give us a quick tour of a private estate . What an amazing place am thinking about making an offer and relocating to Scotland …. We shall see . Maybe if Liam’s fledgling empire biscuit business takes off he may help me out ?


After popping into the estate it was now time to head to Tain and find our hotel which wasn’t as easy as I hoped as we
wound our way back towards Tain on some back roads / lanes .
Bikes deposited in hotel basement and recovery shake etc done it was time for a little wander before dinner and a quick pint of strongbow.


Today’s stats

75.9 miles 5hrs16 3642ft 14.4mph


Tractor drivers scared to death – 1

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