LEJOG day 1 Lands End to Liskeard

So its been a while since I blogged and it was never my Intention to leave it so long . When I started this blog I was going to update every single evening during the trip . However this became an impossible task as after 6-7 hours in the saddle climbing endless ft ,riding endless miles, attempting to recover and eating a massive amount of calories I found it was impossible to find the time.
So now a few weeks has passed since we finished the trip the dust has settled and the sores have very nearly healed I will summarise the trip in a few posts.

DAY 1 Lands End to Liskeard

They day began with an early breakfast in Penzance with 20 Ish fellow riders . A nervous morning was even more nervous as a few too many Guinness’s were drunk the night before . We then had a short coach trip to the start where we were to meet the remainder of the riders and collect our bikes for a few pics.


At around 830 we were off , despite my best efforts to take it easy I found myself hanging on the back of a fast group this was never the plan !! After about 15 miles a few of us realised we were never going to be able to sustain this pace for 1000 miles so dropped off the back and fell into our own pace . Thus a group was formed which would pretty much last the entire trip.
Short sharp hills seemed to be the order of the day energy sapping but manageable riding with some great descents and surprisingly some long flat sections too .
We were also rewarded with some gorgeous sea views and St michaels Mount looked stunning in the sunshine I had arranged for everyone as a reward for training all winter 🙂

Now came the bad news just as we approached the climb out of Truro my bike broke !!! Unbelievable it chose day 1 of my adventure to go tits up !!! Thanks then dont break during a training ride when it would be easy to sort !!! The Sti lever ratchet had failed which controlled the chain rings!! I managed to slacken the cable so I was stuck in the middle ring but I must admit it made the final 30 Ish miles an absolute horror and nightmare . I never normally used my granny ring during training but had decided on this trip it would be invaluable due to the mileage and trying to save the knees from too much brutality , boy did I miss it !!!
I limped on to liskeard for our 1st overnight stop after a rather good buffet lunch from Discover Adventure and some much needed encouragement from my new pals . And a few visits en route from some Cornish friends . I seem to have gained a reputation from the group as knowing everyone on Cornwall 🙂
Day 1 stats:
74.2 miles 6152ft 5hr25 min 13.7mph

Broken bike – 1

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