LEJOG day 2 Liskeard to Tiverton

Day 2
After much scrabbling around I managed to get another lever from my sons bike ( thanks Niall you will get yours back when mine is fixed I promise ) dropped down the 15 odd miles from Plymouth to Liskeard last night and huge thanks to Ben from Discover Adventure who swapped it late last night.
So yesterday evening was full of agonising leg cramps and an awful nights sleep in a roasting hot room so not the best recovery. But on the whole the body is holding up quite nicely.
Today’s ride took us up and out of Liskeard and on to Dartmoor . No problem for a local man like myself must be my time to shine surely ??? Nope what a long hard day in blazing sunshine ( not moaning )
Many of the roads we cycled today I knew very well and I think to be honest with hindsight that’s not an advantage .
I knew what was coming and when not good mentally I think I would rather not know .


Pork hill …… Ugh!!
Mortenhampstead ….. Ugh
All horrible but a huge sense of achievement and more often then not rewarded by a nice fast descent 🙂

Lunch was to bad had by post bridge on Dartmoor in the village hall . Where we were able to witness our 1st comedy fall from a Scottish amateur stunt man named Glenn. In a car park full of fellow cyclists he pulls in and falls straight off …… The joy of clip in pedals 🙂

More hills in the stunning sunshine and an amazing wooded and winding descent towards Exeter and the miles were flying by . Last water stop of the day was high above Exeter then it was a fast ride along the valley into Tiverton for our overnight hotel. Some rest ,recuperation a few pints of cider and a trip to tesco for suntan lotion !!!


Day 2 stats
67.6 miles 5hrs33 6509ft 12.2mph
Comedy falls witnessed 1 punctures 0

Ps huge thanks to the random lady who donated £5 to my charity in the premier inn car park this morning

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