The hills have sighs

God darn can’t believe in a little over a weeks time I will set off on my Lands End to John O Groats charity cycle ride and to be honest I am pooping myself .
It has always seemed so far away , whenever I have appealed on Facebook for sponsors it’s always been ” in 4 months time I am………..” But now it’s real, really real !!!!! And to be honest I am a million miles away from being ready .I will reach the start with 700 miles in my legs but feel like I need a lot more but maybe it’s one of those things your never quite sure your ready for 🙂 . It also feels very strange knowing that all the training is done and now I just have to sit here until we start . How that exactly works I really don’t know??? Maybe a little spin on Saturday If that’s allowed ??

There has been lots of talk about legendary hills that we will have to climb and one in particular on the edge of Dartmoor called Pork hill. Now I know this hill and to be honest it’s a cracker but once the route was sent to me for the 1st two days I went into panic mode . I started to visualise the route and much of it in Cornwall I have driven at various times and there are hills I am absolutely convinced no man or woman could ever possibly ride up !!!
So the priority is to ” survive ” the 1st two days and get on to the Somerset levels and recover . God this is gonna be so tough I wish I was a whippet mountain goat cyclist !!!

In other news I now realise that my Crud catcher 2 race mudguards don’t fit on Maddie with 25mm tyres (wet bum predicted) and my new cxp33 rear wheel has a slight wobble ( thanks mavic ) which will need to be sorted before Le Grand Depart !!! Have also ordered new cleats and some knee warmers ( not cos I need them have just always wanted them ) .
So from an equipment point of view am ready ……….. I think.
Suppose I better get this Blogs weather moan done . The long range forecast is not looking too clever certainly for the 1st couple of days but at least the wind has turned SW so that’s good news . But I guess it will be what it will be but am sure it would be so much more fun in the sun than the rain 🙂
So it’s focus focus focus from here on in and think of the two amazing charities that with all your help I will raise an amazing amount of money for . There was a time when I was really struggling with the constant nagging and being a pest and I could have quite easily jacked it in but then suddenly a tenner here and there from Someone you don’t expect it from and it’s amazing the boost it can give 🙂
Thanks everyone I really appreciate it and I know the charities do too. In fact St Luke’s rang me on Friday and they were so full of enthusiasm it was inspiring.
If you are still looking to donate your hard earned pennies the links are on this site 🙂

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2 Responses to The hills have sighs

  1. Barbara says:

    You’ll be fine! We are starting our LeJog on Friday (yes this Friday – scary) but have planned shorter days than you so I expect you will catch us up and hopefully we will meet up at some point. Maybe on Arran?

    • Neil Bradley says:

      Thanks Barbara 🙂
      What sort of mileage you looking at ? And what route are you taking ?
      We are Lands end – liskeard-Tiverton – tintern-shrewsbury-Preston-Carlisle-Kilmarnock-Inveraray-loch lochy -Tain- Thurso- John o groats

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