Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low

So I sit here 3 weeks away from the start of my Lands End to John o groats charity cycle ride and I must admit to feeling 110% ready ……. Hahahaah not a bloody chance!!!!
Not only have I put weight on ( was never in the master plan) but I have to date only cycled 560 ish miles this year.
To put that into context that’s about 5-6 days on my lejog trip . Hmmmm not looking good then !!!
Anyway the revised plan is now to get fit and lose weight on the way instead, clever eh???
I originally aimed to get to the start line with approx 1000 miles in my gorgeously tanned and defined legs . But plans ain’t for keeping everyone knows that!!!
The reason for my lack of miles is as always the weather. Yes it’s been dry for a long while but god darn the last 2 months have been so cold and that EVIL easterly wind had been biting . We have regularly been getting 30-35mph winds and to be honest it isn’t fun .
In recent weeks I have managed to get some nice reliable mavic cxp33 wheels and also some Grand Prix 4000s tyres specifically for the trip . So gone are the sweet light weight wheels and tubeless tyres ….. For now šŸ™‚
As always things are never straight forward. The new wheels and tyres arrive from Germany in a few days and I mount them on Maddie . The tyres came highly recommended from many people including an around the world cyclist who swears by them . Oh yes they made me swear many times !!! 1st ride 3 punctures , 2nd ride 2 punctures !!! Yep they are fab šŸ˜¦ , now as expected this bothered me as if i can have 5 punctures in about 60 miles it makes for a long old trip to John o groats . After much investigation I realised I had the Wrong rim tape on the wheels …….. Oooooops problem solved šŸ™‚ and sorry to tesco for slagging off your inner tubes ( although in fairness I was angry and they do feel a bit crap)

Bath 100 this weekend so some decent miles before I taper ( haha ) for the last two weeks .
Am excited and scared for my lejog trip but am sure it will be an amazing journey šŸ™‚

Huge thanks to everyone that has sponsored me so far . Still quite a way from my targets but am hoping once I get my arse rolling ( not literally have not put on that much weight) the money will come rolling in šŸ™‚

Ps where the f*#k did me troosers go??


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