Moan 500 miles I would moan 500 more

It’s time for a confession my name is Neil and I like to moan , not just any type of moaning as generally am a happy go lucky kind of chap or at least I like to think I am.

Nope my moaning is moaning whilst cycling . I moan the roads too bumpy ,the cars are too close ,the roads too wet , it’s too slippy , it’s too flat ( odd I know but riding on the flat can be bloody hard work) , I have been known too gasp and grunt out loud when I see a large hill looming on the horizon but mostly my moans are weather related , it’s too cold , it’s too wet , it’s too windy ,the winds in my face !!! Raining is by a large margin my worst moan and no matter how positive I try to look it never works . The fact is if it rains I need to stop and put on a jacket and when the rain eases I need to stop to take it off . Now this takes time and as I haven’t perfected doing this whilst moving it prompts me to moan !! I also know if I do try this whilst moving like the pros do there is only one possible outcome and that outcome involves me in a heap on the floor with a broken bike and moaning !!!

I have also realised by signing up for my latest trip to cycle the entire length of the UK I have 1000 miles or 12 days of moaning to do . What an amazing opportunity to get some serious moaning done my only concern is will I run out of stuff to moan about ?

I have now had the chance to get to know a few of my fellow entrants on this ride via Facebook and forums and I can feel there may be some common ground in that many of them confess to being moaners too . So either I have struck it lucky having picked a trip with some fellow moaners or its cyclists in general are born to moan?

One thing I really can’t moan about is the fantastic amount of support people have started to show by the amount of sponsorship that has started coming in.
I have raised nearly Β£900 . It really makes me proud that people are willing to give up there hard earned cash for my chosen charities and to show support to what really is a tough challenge , and I thank you all . Remember every single penny goes to the charities prostate uk and st Luke’s hospice πŸ™‚

Bumz72to 70070 prostate UK
Legz72 to 70070 St. Luke’s hospice

Quick update on training this year which has been halted by sever man flu in the last week 😦

Mileage to date : 220 miles
Time in saddle : 16hrs 42 mins
Elevation gain : 11522ft

Right am off to the garage to practice putting on a rain jacket whilst on the turbo trainer …….. One step at a time πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Moan 500 miles I would moan 500 more

  1. Paul Williams says:

    Ha ha ha, jacket on, jacket off!

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