The wheels on the bike go round and round

So time for an update and the 1st one of 2013 , the year I will actually cycle a 1000 miles the length of the country……. Holy poop scary!!!
The wheels on the bike go round and round sadly not as often as they should be 😦
So a quick summary so far I have managed a grand total of 102 miles in January (WARNING WEATHER MOAN ALERT) which considering the shocking weather we have been experiencing is in itself a god darn miracle .
The amount of discipline and self motivation this whole event requires is astounding and that appears to be my weakness . When it’s freezing cold with icy Horizontal rain I would much rather stay in bed …… Hey am just being honest I am only human you know 🙂
So lets hope and perhaps even pray that we have some milder weather soon or I become super human and find some enthusiasm to get my sorry arse out of bed and start putting some decent miles in as my longest ride this year is 40 miles . By march I need to be doubling that on a regular basis .

As for my my other preparations I am making good headway I have now booked accommodation for the night before I leave in Penzance , I have also solved the conundrum of returning back to Devon once the ride is completed. Having checked out the prices for trains & planes I have settled on an automobile. Yep that’s right like some kind of crazy fool i have booked a hire van and will endure the 2 day drive back complete with Lenny Henry style stop over near Wigan . MADNESS I TELL YOU MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s final thought ……. 12 days without a lay in is gonna be blinking tough so please take the time to sponsor me via the links on this page Remember every penny raised goes straight to the charities as all the costs involved in my trip (approx £1600) are paying paid by myself !!!!

Today’s another final thought……. Thanks to everyone that has already sponsored me I am eternally grateful for every penny raised for Prostate uk and St Luke’s hospice

Prostate uk

St Luke’s hospice

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1 Response to The wheels on the bike go round and round

  1. Loran says:

    Great blog! We’re doing it in April. Similar experiences. Also haven’t managed to get the miles in this year. Keep pedalling! Lorna

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