It’s that time of year again

So here I am again it’s been a while and am not really sure why it’s taken so long to blog , maybe nothing exciting has happened ?
My cycling has pretty much been a good 40-50 miler at weekends and the odd commute during the week ( when I say odd I mean rare )
I have had a bike change which is always exciting as Lexy the Planet X bike was sold and I welcomed Tamara
C the specialized into my stable . I haven’t ridden her much as yet but I will I promise as she is stunning in her matt black jacket of loveliness πŸ™‚
Maddie is still going strong and has covered nearly 3500 miles since she was born although she is a bit like Triggers broom from Fools and horses if you get me !!!
I just read my own post from this time last year to check out my resolutions and I can confirm all targets have been met so all is well . I have covered 3435 miles and nearly 200000ft of climbing so it’s no wonder my sores still flare up now and again. As 974 of those miles were on LEJOG it’s still a good effort and passes my target of 3000 miles and last years 1700 miles .
As for 2013 it will be remembered in my mind forever for LEJOG I still don’t think it’s sunk in what was achieved and I look back with so many memories but also regret that I can’t blinking remember more of it …… So frustrating !!!!!
Maybe I NEED to do it again?? Any takers ???

Plenty of challenges for 2014 to come no doubt , and as I have already signed up for a few sportives starting with the Dartmoor Classic it will soon be time to start shifting the weight again ( sigh ) and planning how to knock 2 hrs off my Etape Cymru time πŸ™‚
And fingers crossed for the Ride London ballot this year …….

Another of my big pleasures from this year is the realisation that what was MY pastime / sport can be shared . It’s no longer my time but time with my sons as they both now love riding . Whereas it was all about me on a Sunday morning ride it’s now about Nially chops and myself and meeting uncle J to do something together . And that is a revelation to me to share my time on the bike and I love it all the more .

So to sum up 2013 in a sentence

“Friends formed for life over one common goal & achievement ”

It’s been am amazing year on the bike for me one which I feel will Never be matched after LEJOG but hey let’s see what happens .

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2 Responses to It’s that time of year again

  1. Niall Bradley says:

    When you mentioned me, you didn’t mention I wait for you at the top of hills? Haha

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