LEJOG day 4 Chepstow to Shrewsbury

Day 4

It seems to have started to be a habit that as soon as we leave the hotel it starts with a ridiculous up hill and today certainly was the case even the driveway off the hotel was uphill!!! When we had the briefing after our evening meal the descent along the wye valley was mentioned and we assumed it was out the door and straight down along the valley for miles and miles . After a few miles of climbing which i must admit i really struggled with and dropped off the back of our group we finally reached the summit . Wow what a descent sweeping through the trees and down to the valley past Tintern abbey…………….. Stunning


The route today along the valley was totally stunning but it always takes me a good few miles to warm up and I think we probably wasted a lovely opportunity to bimble our way along . Sometimes that’s the problem with these rides it’s all too easy to focus on getting from water stop – lunch – water stop- hotel whilst head down Arse up and miss the chance to soak up what your actually doing .
Anyway the road then took us into Monmouth and eventually we crossed back Into Blighty via another steep hill.

Lunch seemed a long way today being 60 miles but as always came as a relief to stretch and refuel.
Liam’s knee was becoming a big problem today and he was dropping off the back a lot but we never left him behind despite his heriocs ” no just leave ” Well Liam not on our watch !!! the final hill of the day plodded up alongside a quarry before we dropped down the other side only to be stopped in out tracks by the afternoon water stop !!! Why oh why half way down a hill ???!?!?
The last 18 or so miles were flat and we motored at an amazing pace 25 mph with a hefty tail wind in two small groups until we arrived at the hotel.

As I had been leading the Strava may madness challenge in the UK and was 4th in the world a sponsor from Forme bikes sat with us at dinner whilst trying to tempt me with a six figure contract 🙂 …….ah my mistake apparently he was Matts cousins husband and was there to support Matt…… I prefer my story.

Day 4 stats
98.3 miles 6hrs46 5234ft 14.5mph

1 x heroic ” just leave me guys ” moment

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