If I had £1 for every time someone said……………

So am back in blogville after a short rest mostly because its been non stop rain since I completed the Strava 79 mile challenge and my bikes have been mostly redundant. In fact its not been non stop rain its been quick get some timber and build an Ark style weather!! Yeah cant beat a good weather moan!!!

Now since the Olympics and Tour win of Mr Wiggins Wiggo “my ” sport or pastime has become very mainstream. This is of course a great thing but it does have its drawbacks. Firstly I think bikey bits have become more expensive . Obviously this is a bad thing for us   serial purchasers.

The other drawback is the average man on the street now has been blessed with a little bit of cycling knowledge. Yep thats right they have actually heard of a pro cyclist, and if I had a pound for everytime I have heard someone shout ” Geddon Wiggo” at me I would have about £3 now.

I know myself and Mr wiggins Wiggo have a great deal in common , not least our weedy builds and silky pedalling style. We also share the same sideburns. But for the record I HAD MINE 1ST!!!!! YES AM ALL SHOUTY COS AM FED UP HEARING IT !!! YES MINE WERE THERE 1ST!!! HE COPIED ME !!! I INSPIRED HIM !! HE WON BECAUSE OF ME!! THAT MEDAL IS MINE !!! HE OWES ME !!! HAND IT OVER MR WIGGINS WIGGO!!!

Mr wiggins wiggo with my sideburns and medal

Mr wiggins wiggo with my sideburns and medal

Oh and another thing Lands End To John O Groats is not all up hill . Its just the way the map is orientated!!

Anyway few stats for year to date whilst I get over my little rant ……………..

1653 miles

102637ft assent

134hrs 33mins

PS please sponsor me am beginning to think people dont like me !!! Two fantastic charities will raise much needed funds from me hauling my arse across this crazy little island of ours 😉

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